It's nearly May of 2021, and Wild West Jeeps has come a LONG way. Over the past three years, we have accomplished a lot. We built a website. We became a nonprofit. We coordinated toy drives, water drives, Jeep drives, charitable events, parties, barbecues, cleanup runs, parades, birthday surprises. We've established an official membership system. We've established a presence in the ever-evolving social media world. We post pictures and videos of all different aspects of our existence. We became a club member of the Nevada Four Wheel Drive Association. We have a trail map system. We have a blog... wait, what?

So what's this really about?

If you've ever taken the time to ask a question on our Facebook page, you will know that we have some incredibly experienced and knowledgeable members who cherish the opportunity to share what they have with others. However, with every Facebook post seemingly plummeting into the endless abyss of forgotten memories, it's hard to go back and find good quality Jeeping content that we can share with the world, both on and off social media platforms.  We needed something concrete, archive-able, searchable and fun to look at. Like the random pictures that have been strategically inserted into this article to make it look cooler.

Above: A cool shot of some of the original crew!

Now, with all that mumbo jumbo out of the way, I am incredibly pleased to announce the official launch of the Wild West Jeeps Blog! It will be adaptable and change as needed, so don't worry if you think it lacks proper blog features, because they will be coming! I think the purpose and goal of this blog has already been established in the gibberish above. But in case you're like Mary and skip most of my writing to get to the meat and potatoes (or tacos?), here are the "Cliff Notes": we made a blog... cool stuff will be posted on it. stay tuned for some upcoming masterpieces written by the venerable JimmyLee Smith. By the way, the main image for this article is a classic shot of JimmyLee's old Renegade, AKA "The Smurf", leading some of our other Jeepers during a Delamar club run.

Here's my Jeep, atop the infamous Prison Hill, named for its close proximity to, well.. the prison. And yes, I am using the first ever blog post to show off my Jeep. I have no shame.

Subscribing to blog posts...

By the way, we added something else along with this new blog.  You can actually subscribe to new blog articles! That's pretty cool right? You don't want to miss the stuff we're going to start posting here, so CLICK HERE to get your email address in! The instructions are all on that page. Event notification subscriptions will be next!!

Want to write articles?

As this blog develops over time, we will likely need help.  If you think you have what it takes to write articles for us, please email me!  It won't be right away, but we will hang on to your interest for the appropriate time!

Anyway, thanks for reading our very first blog post! Carry on!