North Division

Our North Division is largely based out of Carson City, with local events and trail runs throughout the greater Carson/Reno/Tahoe area. This includes periodic trips as far south as Tonopah, and as far east as we dare to venture! Our Fall Hunter Lake runs are among our most popular. We currently have North Division members and followers within about a hundred mile radius of Carson City.

During winter months, our North Division is a bit quieter than the counterparts down south. This is a result of unpredictale weather patterns and snowfall levels, and the fact that many of our most popular trails up here are seasonally closed and gated.

South Division

Our South Division consists of members and followers throughout the Vegas Valley, and extending outward into parts of Arizona, California and Utah. Notable locations for South Division events include the Logandale Trail System, Sand Hollow State Park, and a vast number of other trails throughout the area, including Rocky Gap, a Jeep Badge of Honor trail.

It is known that our South Division is more populous, largely due to the significantly greater number of residents in the area. Additionally, our South crew tends to remain more active throughout the year, including the winter months, thanks to the slightly less temperamental Southern Nevada weather.

Wild West Vixens

A "Vixen" is an adventurous female who prefers the road less traveled. Wild West Vixens is a ladies only division, aligning with the same goals and mission of the main club, while focusing on creating a reassuring atmosphere for woman to explore their adventurous side without judgement or pressure. The goal is to empower woman in the Jeep community through trails, training and socials gatherings. We may come from different walks of life but we share the ability to go anywhere and do anything.

The WWV Facebook group, and all activities, are available to all women. If that's you, and you haven't been the target of any recruiting efforts yet, please get in touch with Mary Sneddon. While WWV events primarily take place within our South Division areas, we do have many women throughout the state actively participating in Facebook group discussions.