How to add pictures to posts

This section is for forum-related tutorials and information to ease the transition from social media platforms, for those who have never used forums before. Anyone may post in here.
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How to add pictures to posts

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As some of you may have realized, the process of adding pictures to your posts in here is a bit different than on social media, and there are a few extra steps to take. It's not hard, but there are some considerations.

First off, you can insert an attachment (picture, etc...) before, during, or after you've written out your post. If adding them in later, make sure to plan out where they will be inserted into your text body. To start, click the "Attachments" tab towards the bottom of the post creation page.

Click "Add Files"

Choose your image(s). You can select more than one. Click "Open" when ready to proceed.

Once you've selected your images and pressed "Open", you will see the images begin to upload in the "Attachments" tab. Each image will have a progress bar to the right. When an image is uploaded, the progress bar will change to a check mark or other "success" type symbol.

At this point, you can insert any of the uploaded images into your post body. You will need to place the cursor where you want the image to go. Once positioned, press the "Place inline" button for the corresponding image you wish to place.

Once your image is inserted, you won't see it just yet. You will see something like this:
This is simply a placeholder for when you publish your post. This tells the system to replace that line of code with your image once the post is published. You can also press "Preview" to see if everything worked out okay.

If you pressed "Preview" or "Submit", your post should look like this:

We use the Lightbox extension, which shows thumbnails in the post, but when you click on them, a nice looking window shows up with your big picture in it. If you attach multiple pictures to the same post, you can scroll through them in this new window. Try it with the images in this post, and you will see what I mean!

Considerations regarding image uploads:

- Image dimensions will be capped at 1800x1800 pixels. If your image is bigger than that, it will be automatically scaled down. This happens on Facebook and Instagram too, you just don't really see it.
- Image file size is capped at 12mb. This is pretty large, and most modern phones won't even produce file sizes this big. Even if your file size is smaller than this, the image will still be reduced dimension-wise to match the board settings, which will in turn drastically reduce the file size. You won't really ever need to worry about this because on a computer, tablet or phone screen, even the reduced images will still look good. Just don't expect to use them to make prints with.

As usual, let me know if you have any question!!
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