To sPod or not to sPod

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To sPod or not to sPod

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Hi All, I will soon be getting electronic lockers and a re-gear to 4.88 (most likely, have talked about 5.13 as well). I have a 2015 JKU Sport with 3.21 gearing. I have it on 35's and a MC 2.5" lift. My mechanic suggested an sPod for the locker switches and then it makes it easy to add lights, etc. later on. I don't "plan" on adding auxiliary lighting as I don't go off road at night (at least not on purpose :P ) and I don't camp either (not yet anyway). Where do you have your switches installed if not using an sPod? Pictures please! I'm guessing the sPod and it's install is adding an extra 600.00 or so to the price. He didn't split it all out. I would love them to fit where I have blanks in the switch panel, but I don't know if that is doable.
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Re: To sPod or not to sPod

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I'm going to take some pictures of my setup for you tomorrow, I keep forgetting! sPod's are expensive, but they are the best. I have a panel made by Pro Comp, and it gets the job done, but the sPods have a lot of cool extra features.
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