This section is for forum-related tutorials and information to ease the transition from social media platforms, for those who have never used forums before. Anyone may post in here.
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If you haven't noticed this yet, you can upload (or link to) a custom "avatar", which is sort of like a profile picture. They work a little differently in here than on social media. They will appear on all your posts, private messages and in your forum profile.

One big caveat to adding an avatar is that it must fall within a specific size (dimension) range. That range is currently set from 75x75px to 150x150px. Knowing that most people don't have a quick way to take a picture of, let's say, their Jeep, and reduce the size down to what the forum requires. So, I found a website that does it for you!


Go there, upload your picture, choose the size you want (somewhere in the aforementioned range, although it will probably look best if you make it at least 125x125px) and click "Resize". A few seconds later, you'll be taken to another page where your image will have been reduced to a tiny little square. Pick the one you want, right click it and download it, or use the link below the image to download it. Either way, you'll have to download and save it. You can't remotely link back to their site, as they purge all their stuff periodically.


Not too bad right? Give it a try and let me know if you need help!
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Re: Avatars

Post by rsneha »

Fotor's avatar maker is an excellent choice if you are looking for a free avatar maker. It works online, so you can make custom avatars right from your browser without downloading any program and for compress images I use jpeg compress website to shrink the images
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