Greetings Earthlings

Every forum has them... come on in and introduce yourself. We love to see who's where and who's got what and whatnot.
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Greetings Earthlings

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I know Max has suggested this various times.... but had a bad experience in the past as far as forums go. But you know, that was in the past. Time for new adventures!

Anyways, my name is Joshua, I am an avid Jeeper/Offroader. Have been nearly 20 years. I've worked for FCA for a decade or so, and have run automotive shops and custom shops as well. Am an ASE certified mechanic and an aspiring youtuber.

Anyways, hope I can join in, offer some advice, perhaps help organize some functions or just be of assistance from time to time.

I am on my third JKU... and love the wild west when it comes to wheeling and exploration.

Anyways....... have no idea how to add pics.... (yet) but those that know me, know my Jeep. Lmao
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