THE WWJC Decal Thread

This section is for general club/Jeep/off-road related announcements. We will make an attempt to cross post announcements both here and on Facebook.
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THE WWJC Decal Thread

Post by Max »

This is the ** OFFICIAL ** Wild West Jeep Club decal thread. All information regarding anything decal related will live here, and will be updated frequently, as needed.

Please go here and look at the color sample chart: ... ediate-cal

I have MOST of the common colors. If I don't have it, I will order it and make your decal anyway, but you'll owe me a beer or a coffee, or Jeep parts.

We offer two fonts for the 48" windshield banners and the 18" (or other size variant) window banners. I highly encourage you to use Mesquite, as it has less tiny pieces and will likely last longer. However, Rosewood was our original font and it would be a shame to not continue to offer it because it looks awesome. If you do not tell me which font you want, it will be Mesquite.


The following decals are what we have available... we have some inventory, but many decals are made to order. Some decal prices include shipping. These are the ones that are small enough to mail first class in a standard sized envelope.

48" Windshield Banner - $20.00 each
Our massive flagship banners! Who doesn't want to sport one of these bad boys! They look amazing!
48" long and about 4" tall at the guns. Windshield banners are currently not being mailed. If you live in the Carson City / Reno area, I can deliver, or you can pick up, or we can arrange something in between. If you're in the south, you'll have to wait for someone to make a trip!


18" Window Banner - $10.00 each -OR- TWO for $16.00 (shipped)
These are the same designs as the windshield banners, with the same two font options, but smaller! Great for the back window on a hard top.


6" Compass Decal - $10.00 each
Our revamped compass design is now out and about! These are great for the back window, hood, quarter panels, side windows, or really anywhere! I am currently exploring ways to mail these first class. Stay tuned. For now, local arrangements only.


Jeep "Beer" Decal - $5.00 each (shipped)
These guys are becoming increasingly popular! They are 3.5" x 2.5". Where are my beer drinkers at???


Jeep Dog Paws Decal - $7.00 each (shipped)
For the dog lovers!! It's cheesy, I know, but they're actually pretty popular! They are 6" x ~2.3".

Jeep paws.PNG

Contact me by any means... here on the forums, PM me on Facebook, text or call me at (702) 467-0378, email me at, send me smoke signals, snail mail, telegram or send a messenger on horseback. I stopped being picky. With that said, if you simply reply to a post in here, or on Facebook saying "I'll take one", I will not respond to that. I need to chat with you privately to get payment and your address if mailing.

When you contact me, here are the things I need to know:
  • Which decal you want. You'll need to be specific, or send me a pic of the design.
  • What color(s) you want.
  • What font you want, if you're getting a banner.
  • Your address, if you'll need it mailed, and if it's small enough.
  • How you will be sending money.

Apple Pay // my phone number
Venmo // enviousjl
Facebook Pay // Message me for it to work
Zelle // my email address or phone number
PayPal // my email address
I will also gladly take cash if you're local to me. Please don't mail me cash!!

Phone: 7024670378

Please be aware that these are largely made to order, unless I have some extras, so it might take up to a few weeks to get yours mailed out. Also, I work a full time job with an on-call rotation, so be patient with me!! If I get too bombarded, I will likely not survive. Just keep that in mind for those who actually like me.

I am using Oracal 651 vinyl. It has an estimated lifespan of 6 years. It is very good quality stuff. All decals will come with transfer tape already applied. The 18" window decals will be folded in two places to fit into a standard size envelope. It's best to flatten them a bit before installing.

Extreme temperature changes may cause the transfer tape to bubble a bit. That's okay. If your decal arrives with bubbles, just lay it out inside where it's cooler, and then carefully push them out with a credit card, or something with an edge. Be careful not to push too hard, or you run the risk of hooking the edge of the vinyl.

A quick note about black decals...
Black decals are hard to see on glass. Trust me. If you REALLY want one for your window(s), I will make them for you, but if you don't like it, there are no refunds and I won't make you another one for free. Please be absolutely certain before installing. With that said, black decals look awesome against lighter colored paint, so if you want to put them on the body of your Jeep, that is an option!

If I screw it up, I will fix it for you for free. If you screw it up, you can pay me for a new one 😁
I think I've covered everything! This entire post is subject to change. Please contact me, or comment here with any questions.
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Re: Decal Ordering

Post by Abntroop »

Thanks for providing this Max!
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