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Posted: April 12th, 2022, 2:00 pm
by Rarecj8
Been driving a 4x4 of one sort or another for 40+ years. Plus sand toys, ATVs and dirt bikes. Present rig-- the keeper-- began life as a abused bone stock 1981 CJ8. Picker her up in 1999 and its been an ongoing project ever since. Extremely capable on any trail. Point and click.

1 ton axles with 4:88 and ARBS, on board air and welder; klulne v under drive. EFI 4.6l stroker. ham radio with APRS. 33 gal fuel tank. chevy 63" springs rear, YJ springs up front. Full suite of PSC steering components. 37" KOs on hummer H2 wheels and much more. photo taken last fall on black rock desert playa. Also have a matching pack mule trailer with RTT. [img]