Hi, I’m Max and I’m an alco… Jeepoholic.

Every forum has them... come on in and introduce yourself. We love to see who's where and who's got what and whatnot.
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Hi, I’m Max and I’m an alco… Jeepoholic.

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Okay I’ll go first to get this thing going (if it goes… might have a CEL). I’m Max and they tell me I’m the president of this $&%# show. Just kidding, we all know this club is awesome. I live in Carson City, Nevada and I drive this stupid big green thing (pictured below) that eats my wallet for lunch.

I have been a 4x4 hobbyist for around 15 years, but I’ve only actually been in the Jeep game since the inception of this club. That makes me a complete noob so don’t ask me anything, I just know how to drive the thing and my wife fixes it for me when it breaks, which shouldn’t actually happen considering I just recently broke the 10k mile marker…. but it does, because it’s a Jeep.

Anyway, enjoy the forums! I hope they are more successful this time around than 2 years ago when we tried it.

Carry on!
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