Some info to those new to forums

This section is for forum-related tutorials and information to ease the transition from social media platforms, for those who have never used forums before. Anyone may post in here.
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Some info to those new to forums

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If you've never been a user on a forum like this before, you're in for a real treat. Forums are the granddaddy Facebook and Instagram. Zuckerbooger's got nothing on these things. If you'll notice the link up in your internet bar thingy, it says "" or something like that. You know what that means? It means we own and control every aspect of this forum. Zuckerjackwagon isn't going to come out of his fancy cave and tell you that your post goes against community standards. Yeah, of course we'll have moderation in here.. we can't let things get too messy, but I think you get the point.

Some things to consider...

1. There are a lot of options. If you're not tech savvy, ignore them all. Just make your account, and post what you want. You don't even need a name to register.

2. All uploaded attachments (images) are stored on the Wild West Jeeps webserver. We have a lot of storage available, but it's not unlimited. For those who were around during the Photobucket fiasco, you know what I mean. To all others, upload whatever you want, but don't abuse the system. You can attach pictures and videos to your post, and you can link to things like Youtube and whatnot.

3. Things may look funny... this forum software is free.. it's been around the block, but it's still free, and we all know you get what you pay for. Facebook has fancy stuff to format your pictures and videos, auto scale and throttle resolution. We don't have that in here. Your picture may end up upside down, inside out, or otherwise fubar'd (that means "f&*$ed up beyond all recognition" for those who don't know).

4. Things that you insert into posts will show up as some funky looking in-line code. That's how forums work. If you're not sure how it will end up looking, press the "Preview" button at the bottom before you submit your post. There's a learning curve to this, especially for those who have only ever used Facebook or Instagram.

5. Any questions, just let me know.
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