Our trail library provides publicly accessible data for Nevada and surrounding area off-road trails, including elevation profiles, downloadable GPX & KML files, interactive maps, trail pictures, direct links to weather conditions, ratings and more! Nevada offers vast acreage of BLM and state owned land areas with thousands of miles of primary and arterial trails to explore. We aim to provide accurate trail data and reviews/comments from real people, as well as any known closures or abnormal restrictions, to help you navigate these areas! Please also understand that you are responsible for obeying closures and land access restrictions, as well as your own safety. Use this data at your own risk! Click here for more information.

Do you know of a great trail that should be added to our library, but don't have a GPX file for it? Email webadmin@wildwestjeepclub.org with the trail name and any other information you can provide and we will do our best to research it and get it added to the database!

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[S] Wheeler Ridge (CA)
R: 6 | D: 18.56 | DL: 3 | V: 6
[S] Saline Valley To Ubehebe Crater (CA)
R: 3 | D: 57.24 | DL: 0 | V: 3
[S] Saline Valley South Pass Route (CA)
R: 4 | D: 49.64 | DL: 1 | V: 3
[S] Saline Valley North Pass Route (CA)
R: 3 | D: 50.94 | DL: 0 | V: 5


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Technical Info & Changelog

This system is not meant to be a complete replacement for other, more feature-rich navigation services and apps such as Gaia, onX or Alltrails, but simply a provider of information as well as GPX files which can then be imported to, and used by such navigation apps. Our ultimate goal here is to give the off-road community a centralized database that is decluttered, free of ads and popups, and actually FREE of charge!

We realized that many online mapping services are often difficult to navigate or they cover too broad of an area (usually nationwide data) so we wanted to provide a more local, simplistic approach for sharing this information. Nevada has such a vast amount of land that most people don't even know where to start looking for places to explore! Our database, which is searchable and sortable, aims to remedy that issue.

While we intend for this system to always be completely free, for anyone to use, it does have costs associated with maintenance, upkeep, hosting and domain renewal fees. If you enjoy the use of this database, please consider making a donation to the club. Any amount helps!