Hunter Lake Road

Reno, Nevada (Washoe County)

Trail Information

Parent Group:None
Rating (1-10):3
Length:21.77 miles
Location Points:2,301
Trailhead:39.47892, -119.85916
Trail End:39.50825, -119.96525
Min Elevation:4,948 ft
Peak Elevation:8,793 ft
Total Ascent:5,258 ft
Total Descent:5,610 ft
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Elevation Profile


There is current construction on the Garson side. Follow the signs, and please stay out of the work areas!

If you are aware of any important notices for this trail, please email


A trail that has it all - rocks, dirt, probably snow, grassy meadows, forests, waterfalls, awesome views, creeks and a skinny little puddle called Hunter Lake. Starts in southwest Reno and ends on I-80 at Garson Road. A very nice trail for Fall runs due to the vibrant colors. Watch out for hikers and cyclists, as this is a popular trail for them too! Also, you may receive some Nevada pinstriping if you're not careful. UPDATE August 5, 2023: The south trailhead has been updated to reflect new information regarding private property and future development plans near the previously utilized trailhead.

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Hunter Lake Road

Trail Recommendations / Other Info

Higher clearance [most crucial] and a winch if you're running it in the spring. Be aware that some groups and sites classify this trail as "stock friendly"; however, that is highly subjective (as with any trail). There are a few large rocks, ruts and steep climbs that can make things more difficult for some. Don't let this scare you off though, it's quite enjoyable!