Resources, Info & Guides

On this page, you will find miscellaneous guides, resources, links and various information related to off-roading. Many of these documents will be in PDF format for mobility and offline use. If you are not familiar with how to open this type of file, please go HERE, although most modern browsers will open it for you when you click the link.

Helpful Links

Nevada Bureau of Land Management -

Gaia GPS -

WWJ Guides / How-To's

These documents were created in-house, by Wild West Jeeps.

Exporting GPX File from Gaia App (iOS) - A quick how-to guide for exporting GPX files from Gaia's iOS application, and uploading them to our trail system.

Other Documents

Off-Road Safety Academy - the following documents were written by Bob Wohlers from Off-Road Safety Academy (, as part of a collaboration with Factor 55.

Basic Winching Guide (2019) - Principles, safety considerations and common rigging set-ups.

Kinetic Recovery & Towing - A basic guide to kinetic energy recovery and towing a disabled vehicle off road.